Compose's Little Bits #32 - Heron, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Kafka, Realm, Rust, Anguish and Phrack


Twitter's Heron open sourced, network latency and PostgreSQL, monitoring MongoDB and Wired Tiger, Kafka hits 0.10, Realm's mobile database hits 1.0, Rust's new errors, worrying about Anguish and Phrack's back - all the links that caught the eye of Compose's technical content curator this week, in one place for you. These are Compose's Little Bits.


Twitter's Heron - Twitter has open sourced Heron the real-time stream processing platform it replaced Apache Storm with last year. The Apache licensed project claims 2x-5x better efficiency at Twitter scale and comes complete with how-to's to switch from Apache Storm.

PostgreSQL - There's an interesting article on PostgreSQL and network latency which reminds developers that it's not just how fast queries run but how fast things travel over the network which counts. For big batches, the recommendation is COPY.

MongoDB Monitoring - The folks at Datadog have written an article on how to monitor and alert on MongoDB and WiredTiger. You should also know that you can export your metrics data to Datadog from Compose MongoDB using the Telegraf Addon.

Kafka 0.10 - Back in March we mentioned that Kafka Streams were coming in Kafka 0.10. Well, it's now available and sees the creators of Kafka release their first commercial product, a Control Center for building streaming pipelines. You'll find Kafka and all its documentation over at the Apache Kafka project site.

Realm 1.0 - Realm is a mobile database which makes life easier for all by being portable between mobile platforms, iOS and Android, too. It's been around since 2014 on its mission to replace CoreData and SQLite and has won some big fans. It's reached version 1.0 now, and if you haven't looked at it, it might well be worth a peek.


Rust 1.9 - The Rust language continues evolving with version 1.9 being made available. Alongside numerous stabilized libraries, there's a new way to handle unexpected errors and manage how they are handled within multithreaded applications.

Anguish - In an exercise that's more about considering the ridiculous as dangerous, Anguish is an invisible language, based on the Brainf#%k language but using zero width characters from the Unicode character sets. So, does your program even exist in Anguish and if it does, how can you find it?


Phrack - The legendary hacking zine, Phrack, has returned after a lengthy hiatus with issue 69. Welcome back Phrack.

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