Compose's Little Bits #34 - MongoDB, PostgreSQL, DB Mistakes, PouchDB, jQuery, R and IBM, FreeBSD


MongoDB and missing rows, PostgreSQL bloat and future features, database mistakes of beginners, PouchDB updated, jQuery goes 3.0, IBM joins the R consortium and FreeBSD on Azure by Microsoft - all the links that caught the eye of Compose's technical content curator this week, in one place for you. These are Compose's Little Bits.


MongoDB - The MongoDB database has some challenging characteristics and in a blog post by a Meteor Galaxy engineer, one of them was detailed - MongoDB can miss returning rows from queries if the index being used is modified while the query is running. According to the article comments, that behavior is also expected on WiredTiger backed MongoDB too.

PostgreSQL Bloat - There's been a lot of discussion about PostgreSQL bloat recently and in Cleaning Up PostgreSQL there's a practical look at the impacts and strategies to debloat a bloated database.

PostgreSQL Next - More interesting PostgreSQL 9.6 features are being committed like wait event tracking and non-exclusive base backups - both good behind the scenes enhancements. There's a lot going into 9.6 and this 53 page HP document provides a useful round up of everything currently known to be going in - It's one to cut out and keep.

DB Mistakes - Craig Kerstien's Five mistakes beginners make when working with databases invoked some discussion but the general guidance he offers is solid and his encouragement to "treat the database as another tool in your chest as opposed to a necessary evil" is welcome.

PouchDB - The JavaScript database that syncs with CouchDB, PouchDB just got an update with custom builds which lets developers pick which features they need for their in-browser (or Node server) application. It's small. How Small? Well someone has PouchDB running on a Tessel 2.


jQuery – jQuery 3.0 has been released and now sports slim builds which drop ajax and effects support and saves 6K of gzipped download (23.6k vs 30k). It also drops all the IE workarounds and starts using some new web APIs.

R and IBM - IBM has joined the R Consortium joining Microsoft and Rstudio in helping steer the open source analytics-oriented language.


FreeBSD on Azure - Microsoft have started offering FreeBSD 10.3 on Azure which is an interesting move. Microsoft say that its so the top-tier appliance makers who use FreeBSD can migrate to Azure in future.

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