Compose's Little Bits 38 - Clickhouse, Reqlite, Kubernates, Go 1.7rc and Twitch, and Visual Studio Code


A big analytics database from Russia, an in-browser clone of RethinkDB's query language, a rkt for Kubernetes, Go 1.7 in final stretch, Twitch on Go's GC and the latest version of Microsoft's modern desktop editor - these are the links that Compose's content curator has found interesting in the past. These are Compose's little bits...


Clickhouse - Want a different nationality of big data crunching platform? Have you met Yandex's Clickhouse? It's been around for a while taking care of the metrics service of Russia's leading search engine. The distributed, column-oriented database is built to generate real time reports and has an Apache 2 license. A HackerNews thread on Clickhouse picks out its lack of portability and other compromises made in the design but, in a world where most things are SQL sauce on Hadoop, its good to see something different.

Reqlite - Reqlite, the JavaScript-based implementation of the RethinkDB query language (ReQL), has been updated to 2.3.0. Inspired by the Mongo-lite used in Meteor, Reqlite recreates the database functionality in a transient local for, ideal for applications which want a smart queryable cache. It even has 2000 tests against RethinkDB to show its results are correct. Pro tip: don't confuse it with RQLite, the RAFT based distributed SQlite.


Kubernetes 1.3 - The Kubernetes open source distributed systems management project has reached it's 1.3 release and apart from:

..there's also support for rkt containers and the Container Network Interface (CNI) and the Open Container Interface (OCI).


Go 1.7 rc1 - It's almost here; the next version of Go is entering the release candidate final stretch. It's a big overall improvement on the toolchain and runtime of the language and the draft release notes give examples such as the new x86 backend improving performance from 5 to 35% in various benchmarks.

Go at Twitch - An interesting history of game streaming Twitch and how they've taken manually tuning of Go's Garbage Collection as it has evolved over time. Spoiler Alert - "With pre-release Go 1.7 from June 2016, the GC pause times are better than ever with no manual tuning required."

Visual Studio Code 1.3 - Microsoft's modern editor, Visual Studio Code, where modern is "built like Atom, a web app for the desktop, runs cross-platform" has been getting regular updates, the latest of which is version 1.3. If you like Github's Atom but yearned for a less Sublime Text UI, you might like VSCode. The code is open source, though there's a separate license for the binaries. If thats a problem for you, you'll be missing out on the new version's tabbed panes, extension views, smarter drag and drop, better Node.js debugging and more. It's definitely worth a look.

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