Compose's Little Bits 39 - CouchDB, MongoDB, Regrid, RediSearch, Minikube, Kilo, Atom and Pokemon


CouchDB 2.0 gets its first release candidate, MongoDB gets 3.2.8 out, Regrid for RethinkDB gets an update, RediSearch shows the power of Redis modules, Minikube lets you do Kubernetes on your desktop, Kilo's thousand lines of code editor, Atom packages to treasure and - got to clone'em all - Pokemon Github repositories.


CouchDB 2.0rc: The CouchDB project has taken nearly three years to get to this point with CouchDB 2.0, but it's nearly here. At least, the first release candidate has arrived. You can find it here but you'll need to build it yourself if you want to test it out. There's plenty to test - better scaling, more maintainability, better fault tolerance, a web user interface called Fauxton.

MongoDB 3.2.8: MongoDB Inc have rolled out version 3.2.8 of MongoDB. The list of fixes is small focussing on retaining of log records and WiredTiger cache performance issues (SERVER-24580). If you run MongoDB on your own Debian server, you'll be pleased to know Debian Jessie (Debian 8) packages are now available.

Regrid: MongoDB has the GridFS system and RethinkDB has Regrid, a third party package which offers the RethinkDB developer the ability to store large files over their RethinkDB cluster. It's been being developed for a while and recently hit version 0.5.0. There's npm packages, source code on Github, a slack channel and an open spec for the system. It includes replication across the cluster, the ability to watch for changes in the virtual file system and SHA256 hashing and verification.

RediSearch: Over at Redis Labs, they've been working on full text search for Redis using the new modules system, and it's called RedisSearch. Its big design trick is to not use Redis data structures but instead overlay it's own inverted indexes over Redis strings. It's still in development but the design documentation is a glimpse of what modules on Redis will be able to enable.


Minikube: The most recent release of Kubernetes saw the release of Minikube, a desktop scale version of Kubernetes along side it. It lets you learn and experiment with it without having a cloud at your command. Now the Kubernetes blog has an article to get you quickly up and running with Minikube, including access to the dashboard and most Kubernetes features. Future plans include removing a current dependency on Virtualbox on OSX and Windows.

Kilo: Talking about Redis, Salvatore Sanfilippo, aka @antirez, creator of Redis, has been writing a text editor called Kilo. It's a C-based, editor with syntax highlighting for the console with no ncurses dependencies. Oh, and keep it under a thousand lines of code. It's a side-side-project for @antirez but the Kilo Github repository is already seeing interesting hacks being done with it, like adding Lua support.

Atom Packages: There's a lot of packages to assist developers with the Atom editor. This article picks out one developer's favourites and a couple of special mentions like activate power mode which turns coding into being epic.

Repokemon: With Pokemon Go being all the rage, it was obviously the time to catalogue all the repositories with Pokemon names, and usefully the pokemon lacking a repository named after them.

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