Compose's Little Bits #4


A collection of links that have caught the eye of Compose's Technical Content Curator over the past week. This week, MongoDB 3.2 or not, PostgreSQL, etcd detectives, Linux, Docker, DoneJS and Kotlin.


MongoDB 3.2ish - In the last Little Bits we noted that MongoDB 3.2 release candidate 1 had been released. Many people were therefore surprised to see MongoDB Inc Announcing MongoDB 3.2 with the company CTO opening with "Today we announced the release of MongoDB 3.2...". But no. It hasn't actually been released yet. In fact we got a second release candidate a day later and the day after that a blog post on said "The upcoming release will be generally available later this year".

PostgreSQL on the line - If you're just getting into PostgreSQL you may well be wrestling the PGadmin3, the GUI client. It is worth checking out the command line tool psql. Phillipe Fatio did and wrote up his experience of PostgreSQL on the Command Line.

etcd detectives - A blog posting from the developers at Project Clearwater is an interesting look at the process of debugging a memory and file descriptor leak between etcd and a Python client. A good read.


Linux 4.3 - The Linux juggernaut moves on with the release of Linux 4.3. Alongside the various enhancements, there's a removal of note - the standalone EXT3 filesystem driver has gone - but only after the EXT4 driver was shown to reliably handle EXT3 formatted partitons. The next Linux kernel, 4.4, is pencilled in to be a long term support release, so expect to see Linux distributions converge on that.

Docker 1.9 - The folks at Docker pulled the curtains off their latest enhancements. Docker Swarm turns isolated resources into a sharable pool which you can allocate as needed and Docker's new multi-host networking lets them talk to each other through host spanning virtual networks.


DoneJS - The latest in JavaScript frameworks is a new version of an older framework. Bitovi have released DoneJS is an evolution of JavaScriptMVC which builds for Web, iOS, Android and desktop, does server-side rendering, progressive loading and much more. Find out more at the DoneJS website.

Kotlin 1.0 Beta - What would a language look like if it were developed by an IDE developer? Well, Jetbrains, makers of Intellij and other IDEs, are getting close to a 1.0 of their Kotlin language. It's a JVM hosted language which plugs into all the Java libraries out there while offering a concise statically typed language designed to work well with production tooling. More about the Apache 2 licenced language on the Kotlin website.

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