Compose's Little Bits #7


A collection of links that have caught the eye of Compose's Technical Content Curator over the past week. This week, Elasticsearch, Disque, Dr Mongo, tiny databases, Node.js and Nmap.


Elasticsearch - Just a month since 2.0 debuted and we have double update from the Elastic folks - they've rolled out Elasticsearch 2.1 with a whole heap of enhancements and fixes and updated Elasticsearch 2.0.1 with a number of fixes. Alongside the updates, they've also announced Beats, a platform and applications for capturing metrics and feeding them into Logstash and Elasticsearch.

Disque - Antirez has tweeted that he's beginning work to bring Disque, the in-memory distributed message broker based on the Redis "DNA", to version 1.0-RC1. We look forward to its arrival.

Dr Mongo - Dr Mongo is a new entry in the world of open source MongoDB admin tools but shows a lot of promise. It's a Meteor based app designed to connect to multiple MongoDB instances and let you view collection contents in a combined table/tree view with the ability to "pin up" important attributes. Unfortunately, it also currently omits features like user/password logins, SSL and doesn't use MongoDB URLs. We've added it to our to watch list anyway.

Small Data - The IoT world is throwing up some interesting databases, specifically ones designed to fit into small spaces like the memory of an Arduino. LittleD is looking to squeeze a SQL-ish database with a minimal, configurable, footprint. IonDB goes simpler with a key/value store with disk (SD card) backing.


Node.js - Get December 3rd in your diary if you run Node.js to make sure you get the security update coming on that day. There's two CVE's for Node.js which when combined affect versions 0.12 and later. On December 3rd, updates to 0.12, 4.x and 5.x will be published along with details about the denial of service and out of bound vulnerabilities in question.

Nmap 7 - The Nmap developers have announced the first major version update to the Nmap network mapper since 2012 and it brings three years of enhancements - expanded scripting, mature IPv6, faster scanning, SSL/TLS vulnerability scanning, enhanced ncat (now with Lua scripting) and wider cross-platform support. If you ever have to figure out whats on your network, you should have this.

Dj Walker-Morgan
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