Compose's Little Bits #9


A collection of links that have caught the eye of Compose's Technical Content Curator over the past week. This week, MongoDB 3.2 for real, the MongoDB BI Connector's secret, InfluxDB becomes InfluxData, RethinkDB does Java, HTTP status codes, NASA APIs, Nethack and fractal gears.


MongoDB 3.2 – After a bit of a false start or two, MongoDB Inc have released a GA version of MongoDB 3.2. Well done MongoDB Inc, though the line between open source and pay-for Enterprise is as fuzzy as ever. In brief, pay-for items include both the in-memory and encrypted storage engines, the Compass schema and validation explorer and the BI Connector while the community version has the $lookup aggregation operator and document validators.

BI Connector – Talking about the BI Connector, members of the PostgreSQL community have been amused by the discovery that the MongoDB BI Connector is actually, under the covers, PostgreSQL with a foreign data wrapper connecting it to MongoDB. Kudos to MongoDB Inc for discovering that combining different databases can be rather powerful; it's something we've been talking about and practicing at Compose for a while now.

InfluxDB - InfluxDB, the company, has changed its name to InfluxData and is repositioning itself as a company which does the entire time-series stack, not just the database. It's also introduced InfluxDB 0.9.6 with more updates to their own TSM storage engine (but online backups and migration tools are still to come). And if you're expecting a 1.0.0 next, don't - next stop is 0.10.0 at the end of January. They are also busy at work on Kapacitor, Chronograf and Telegraf - the alerting/processing, dashboarding and ingestion components of what they call the TICK stack.

RethinkDB – And then there were four... official RethinkDB drivers. The new official Java client driver joins the Python, Ruby and JavaScript drivers. The Java driver is more than just a Java driver though as there's many Java-interoperable JVM hosted languages, like Scala and Clojure, and developers will now be able to call on the Java driver to create their own idiomatically conforming variants.


HTTP Status - We all know the 404, page not found, but for many developers which HTTP status to return when something goes wrong is a bit of a mystery or a mesh of folklore. Michaek Kropat at Racksburg sets out to help with his Choosing an HTTP Status Code – Stop Making It Hard which explains how to choose, why you may not care and what you should care about..

NASA APIs – From the APOD (Astronomy Photo Of the Day) to earth imagery, from near earth asteroids to Mars Rover photos, NASA has a lot of APIs to enable developers to dig into their data and if that's the kind of stuff you'd like to dig into, you'll want to start at NASA APIs where you can get your API Key and get going.


NetHack 3.6.0 – Back after a ten year hiatus, a new release of the classic NetHack has been announced. More importantly, there's new team members, a new developer infrastructure and a commitment to automated fuzz testing the game to find those odd infuriating crashes.

Gears – @liabru has created the delicious Fractal Gears webtoy which generates geometric arrangements of fractal gears to whirr around in your browser. You may have to make your own whirring noise.

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