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As Thanksgiving comes around, Compose people gather around their remote workstations and tell us, and you, what they are thankful for this year.

It's that time when it has become a Compose tradition to ask the people of Compose what they are thankful for. The Compose family is bigger than ever this year so there would have been a lot to get through. Instead, we'll hand it over to one of the newest members of the Compose team, Chee Yeo.

"I am thankful for being able to be part of a team which accepts you for who you are regardless of where you are from, rather what you can bring to the team. The level of support I have received since I first joined in December 2016 has also been unprecedented and something I never experienced in other companies I worked before.

I am also fortunate enough to be able to learn on a daily basis from so many talented people across so many disciplines. Being able to work remotely has made a dramatic improvement in allowing me to balance my work and home life and I would like to think that I am a more balanced individual now than if I were to be working in an office permanently, and that is down to compose's remote first policy. Thank you for allowing me to be part of the team!"

Chee's thanks are reflected in many of the other contributions to this year's Compose Thanks. We're thankful for the support, the rest of the team, the opportunity to learn every day and the work/life balance that is enabled through remote first.

Of course, if we were all thankful just for that, what an odd world it would be...

Health - Whether it has been time off and support for long term treatment or just being able to get the time to care for parents, Composers were thankful for a culture which lets them do that and be completely supported. The British contingent at Compose, such as Simon in support were also thankful for the UK's NHS being there for his family.

Connections - Simon also mentioned he's thankful for "being able to work from anywhere with an internet connection", an affordance which has allowed Composers to handle emergencies or trek across countries and states in a way that's practically invisible to their fellow Composers. Often remote first can get in the way but at Compose, people like Brad are "grateful for the culture folks have created around here, and remote first philosophy which focuses as much on getting to know folks and having fun as it does on getting things done."

Home - For many Composers, there won't be far to go for Thanksgiving as they are already at home. Lisa, the metrics maven, is thankful for that as her home lets her "enjoy outdoor activities, and the autonomy and solitude to really focus and be productive in my work".

And the rest - Simon was thankful for music including UK hop-hop artist Nadia Rose and others, Brent was thankful for Ugg slippers (and Thom's magnificent beard) and Kamal was thankful for "grey hairs that were 99.9% worth it".

And we're thankful for being around another year to tell you what we're thankful for.

Have a happy Thanksgiving from all at Compose.

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attribution Timothy Eberly

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