Curated Collection: Elasticsearch


The Curated articles are guides, regularly updated by the Compose team, to the essential postings and help content available for each of the Compose databases. Here we look at MongoDB.

About Elasticsearch

Elasticsearch is a distributed, open source search and analytics engine. Often utilized for enhancing 'full-text' search capabilities or analytic assessment, it converts raw data like log files into documents and stores them in a JSON-like object. Elasticsearch uses its own developer-friendly querying language known as Query DSL to provide lean access to document data not bound by schemas, columns, rows, or tables.


Use Let's Encrypt and connect securely to your Elasticsearch deployment.

The Grand Tour

Code examples across multiple languages for connecting to your Compose Elasticsearch deployment using a simple web application.

Recently on Compose:


Using Geographic data with Elasticsearch; from the GeoFile series spanning multiple databases.

Website Engagement:

All the Databases:

Using GraphQL and Compose databases to combine multiple data sources (including Elasticsearch) in your application.

Using Node.js with Elasticsearch

Query-Time Strats

The Elasticsearch Perl Module


If you are looking for documentation for Elasticsearch on the Compose platform:

Or looking for the Elasticsearch docs:

Older Articles:

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