Curated Collection: MongoDB


The Curated articles are guides, regularly updated by the Compose team, to the essential postings and help content available for each of the Compose databases. Here we look at MongoDB.

About MongoDB

MongoDB has led the field of JSON document databases. It offers powerful indexing and querying, aggregation and wide driver support. As MongoDB is our most popular offering (and how we got started) we've amassed a pile of great content for you to enjoy. The following links cover new examples, basic tooling, and older projects all of which feature using MongoDB.


Getting connected to your MongoDB deployment, along with some Compose-specfic things to be aware of.

The Grand Tour

Code examples across multiple languages for connecting to your Compose MongoDB deployment using a simple web application.

Node-RED and MongoDB:

Popular articles on using Node-RED and MongoDB.


Using RESTHeart and MongoDB.

Mongo Metrics:

This series is the MongoDB version of similar metrics in PostgreSQL.

Watson, Bluemix, and MongoDB:

A series about creating a chatbot leveraging services available on the Bluemix platform.

All the Databases:

Using GraphQL and Compose databases to combine multiple data sources (including MongoDB) in your application.

MongoDB by Example:


Using Geographic data with MongoDB; from the GeoFile series spanning multiple databases.

Recently on Compose:


If you are looking for documentation for MongoDB on the Compose platform:

Or looking for the MongoDB docs:

Older Articles:

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