Curated Collection: PostgreSQL


The Curated articles are guides, regularly updated by the Compose team, to the essential postings and help content available for each of the Compose databases. Here we look at PostgreSQL.

About PostgreSQL

PostgreSQL is the first SQL database to make its way to Compose. Postgres is a powerful, open source object-relational database that is highly customizable. With Postgres, you can develop in a language you're comfortable with like C/C++, Perl, Python, TCL/TK, Delphi/Kylix, VB, PHP, ASP, and Java (to name a few). It's a feature-rich enterprise database with JSON support, giving you the best of both the SQL and NoSQL worlds.


The Grand Tour

Code examples across multiple languages for connecting to your Compose PostgreSQL deployment using a simple web application.

Making the Most of PostgreSQL:

Not everyone is a PostgreSQL expert. We've got you covered. You'll learn recommended practices, key concepts and develop a strong foundation to build and scale your database comfortably.

Metrics Maven


Using Geographic data with PostgreSQL; from the GeoFile series spanning multiple databases.

Tool Up:

Series of articles on PostgreSQL Management tools: their features and how to connect them with Compose.

PostgreSQL as a JSON Database:

IBM Cloud, Watson, and More:

Articles about integrating PostgreSQL with other enterprise tools.

Recently on Compose:


If you are looking for documentation for PostgresSQL on the Compose platform:

Or looking for the PostgresSQL docs:

Why PostreSQL?:

These articles cover what advantages you get with PostgreSQL as your RDMS.

PostgreSQL and CSV Files:

From a three-part series on using data in .csv files, these articles have some useful info about importing and exporting from PostgreSQL.

Older Articles and Tutorials:

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