Curated Collection: PostgreSQL


PostgreSQL is the first SQL database to make its way to Compose. Postgres is a powerful, open source object-relational database that is highly customizable. With Postgres, you can develop in a language you're comfortable with like C/C++, Perl, Python, TCL/TK, Delphi/Kylix, VB, PHP, ASP, and Java (to name a few). It's a feature-rich enterprise database with JSON support, giving you the best of both the SQL and NoSQL worlds.

Your PostgreSQL Deployment

We're committed to consistent improvements to our offerings. Naturally, things change. Learn about how your deployments work, what changes have happened, are happening, and may yet happen.


PostGIS adds support for geographic objects to PostgreSQL, spatially enabling the database with a rich set of functions that make PostgreSQL geo-aware.

PostgreSQL Fundamentals

Not everyone is a PostgreSQL expert. We've got you covered. You'll learn recommended practices, key concepts and develop a strong foundation to build and scale your database comfortably.

Governor: High-Availability for PostgreSQL

Governor is our own HA software solution based around etcd. It helps us keep our PostgreSQL clusters stay available without burying them in a complicated management framework. We have opensourced Governor for our community to use.

Tips and Tricks

Like all good software, PostgreSQL is constantly evolving as a database and adapting to change. We've put together an assortment of useful tips and tricks that will help you make the most out of you deployment.

Connecting Compose PostgreSQL To Other Services

Having your PostgreSQL database as an organized service has its advantages. Either by using your connection snippet or applying them right from your dashboard, you can connect to a variety of powerful, visual analytic tools.

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