Curated Collection: Redis


The Curated articles are guides, regularly updated by the Compose team, to the essential postings and help content available for each of the Compose databases. Here we look at Redis.

About Redis

Redis is a speedy in-memory database. Often used for caching and message brokerage, it supports a variety of different data-types. Redis is an open-source, low maintenance key/value store. Redis's lightning fast speed comes from its architecture – an in-memory database which keeps your entire dataset in RAM for fast access, handling persisting to disk in the background.


Get connected, get configured, and master using Redis on Compose.

The Grand Tour

Code examples across multiple languages for connecting to your Compose Redis deployment using a simple web application.

All the Databases:

Using GraphQL and Compose databases to combine multiple data sources (including Redis) in your application.

Minimal Redis:

ECHO commands and a tiny graph; these articles are about using minimal resources to interact with Redis.


Using Geographic data with Redis; from the GeoFile series spanning multiple databases.

Recently on Compose:


If you are looking for documentation for Redis on the Compose platform:

Or if you are looking for the Redis docs:

Older Articles:

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