Curated Collection: Transporter


The Curated articles are guides, regularly updated by the Compose team, to the essential postings and help content available for each of the Compose databases. In addition, here we look at Transporter. The open-source tool the Compose team has put together to facilitate database migration.

About Transporter

Transporter is an open-source tool developed by the Compose team that moves data between databases, including databases of different types. Data is read from a Source database (or file), converted into a message format, and transformed into a format that can then be written to a Sink database (or file). This makes your data storage agnostic and much more portable.

Currently being developed an maintained, these articles reflect the current state and the history of Transporter.

New Transporter Updates and Releases:

Read about the newest releases, features and bug fixes.

Current Tutorials and Examples:

Some examples of how to use the current versions of Transporter and try it for yourself.


If you are looking to download, install, and get started using Transporter:

Transporter and MongoDB:

Older examples on using the Compose Transporter and MongoDB to transfer, restore, and extract data.

Past Announcements and Releases:

Past Articles and Updates:

Compose UI Transporter Integration (Discontinued):

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