Database updates and the new Compose API


There's database updates for Redis and the early availability of the new Compose API for developers wanting to automate their database deployment. It's all part of our constant process of making our services better for you and your data.

Redis updated

The latest stable Redis, 3.2.6, is now available on Compose. The update sees fixes to BITFIELD and GEORADIUS rated as moderate by the Redis developers. To upgrade, go to the Compose console for your Redis deployment, select Settings. From there, go to the Change Version panel, select 3.2.6 and click Change Version. That'll trigger a rolling restart of your Redis deployment.

The new Compose API

With the early availability of a new Compose API, we are now able to offer users the ability to automate the deployment of new databases. Our developers have been working with Compose partners over the past year on creating an API to meet their needs, letting them create a new Compose database on our managed cloud infrastructure.

Where the previous, and now deprecated, Compose APIs dealt only with MongoDB Classic, the new API is dealing with deploying any, and all, of our database types – MongoDB, PostgreSQL, Redis, Elasticsearch, RethinkDB, RabbitMQ, etcd, MySQL, and Scylla.

The API is expected to evolve rapidly over the coming months. We've created as a developer-centered resource that offers documentation and other guidance on the API and will be providing regular updates on the API as it develops. We're also offering example code, in the form of a Go-based command line client which demonstrates how to use many of the API's calls.

As for the API itself, we have mapped a range of Compose operations onto a RESTful API and secured those endpoints with Personal API Tokens. The tokens are associated with a Compose account and user; to obtain one (or more), go to the Compose console, select the Account icon in the sidebar and then click on API Tokens where you can create and revoke them.

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