Database upgrades and Portal metrics: Noteworthy at Compose


In the past week at Compose, we've activated MySQL upgrades, added a visualization of portal memory use and introduced a Redis update. In this edition of Noteworthy, we look at all those things and review the articles of the week just past.

Noteworthy Changes

Compose for MySQL Upgrades

Just over a week ago, we announced in-place upgrades for the beta Compose for MySQL. We are pleased to say we have now added upgrades from 5.7.15 and 5.7.17 to 5.7.20 to the supported in-place upgrades. We invite users of Compose for MySQL to upgrade as soon as possible to 5.7.20 to benefit from its enhanced reliability.

Portal Metrics

We've historically presented metrics for database memory use in the Compose console to help users visualize how their systems are operating. This information can help making decisions over scaling.

With our addition of scalable portals through the Resources tab, we wanted to add a similar visual to the console to help users who may wish to increase the capacity of their deployment's gatekeepers. If you go to the Metrics view now for any deployment, you'll see memory usage graphs for portals and databases. The portals will be labeled with a name ending with "-portal." and a number while database nodes will be labeled with a name ending with "-data" and a number.

Redis updates

Last week we released updates to Redis, version 4.0.3 and 4.0.4, which were pushed out as they were marked as critical updates. That demanded they be made available as soon as possible. Regrettably, another problem was discovered by the Redis developers and we took the decision to "stop the clock" on making the update available. Since then, Redis 4.0.5 has been made available and users are able to upgrade to it. We will be monitoring the upgrades and any reports of problems in the wider Redis ecosystem before we restart the clock on the update process.

Compose Articles

Last weeks's articles on Compose included...

That's it for this week's Noteworthy at Compose.

Read more articles about Compose databases - use our Curated Collections Guide for articles on each database type. If you have any feedback about this or any other Compose article, drop the Compose Articles team a line at We're happy to hear from you.

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