DataLayer Conference: Keynote with Mitch Pirtle, CapitalOne


This week we're introducing our first talk from DataLayer Conf, the Keynote with Mitch Pirtle from CapitalOne. If you've been in the open source world for awhile, chances are, you've seen Mitch around the Joomla or Postgres community, among countless others.

So what's DataLayer. DataLayer is a Compose sponsored conference that we held last month. It was great. We had speakers from CapitalOne, GitHub, Artsy, Meteor, Princeton, ZenDesk and more. Over the next several weeks, we're going to share the videos of the presentations from the conference so those of you who were unable to attend can still benefit.

In this Keynote, Mitch discusses the current state of the data layer for enterprise, focusing on the polyglot experience. We are, according to Mitch, in a world of constantly changing and evolving technology stacks; and this means an ever-changing roster of languages and platforms that access data (including even the very ways in which we store and access data from these apps). Where do databases fit in this rapidly expanding picture of ‘one tool, one task’, especially at the scale of petabytes and zetabytes?

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Thom Crowe
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