DataLayer Exposed: Amy Unruh & Scaling Out SQL Databases with Spanner


Let's start the week off with another video from DataLayer Conf, the Compose sponsored Conference held in Austin this past may, from Amy Unruh.

At DataLayer, our seventh speaker was Amy Unruh. Amy serves as a developer relations engineer for the Google Cloud Platform, with a focus on big data, analytics, and machine learning, as well as other Cloud Platform technologies and is a published author on App Engine.

In her talk, Amy gives an overview of Cloud Spanner, Google's relational and scalable application database. She looks at how it evolved, how Google uses it internally, and how it could fit in other projects. She shows off some features of Spanner, looks at horizontal scale, the CAP theorem, talks about TrueTime, and gives some pretty engaging demos.

Previous DataLayer 2017 talks:

Be sure to tell us what you think using hashtag #DataLayerConf and check back next Monday for the next talk at DataLayerConf.

We're in the planning stages for DataLayer 2018 right now so, if you have an idea for a talk, start fleshing that out. We'll have a CFP, followed by a blind submission review, and then select our speakers, who we'll fly to DataLayer to present. Sounds fun, right?

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