DataLayer Exposed: John Singleton & Stream - Filter - Drain: A New Paradigm


We're kicking off this week with the next presenter at our DataLayer Conference earlier this year, John Singleton talking about the stream, filter, and drain model he uses at If you've missed any of the earlier talks, don't worry, they're linked at the bottom of this article.

Our tenth speaker of the day at DataLayer was John Singleton, co-founder and COO at John has noticed that with the rise of consumer electronics and IoT, there's been huge increase in the amount of data out there, but also the frequency we're producing it. ETL data pipelines aren't fast enough for our real-time data and batch processing is slowing us down. is a real-time stream processing tool that helps you to work with data at massive scale and during his 10-minute lightning talk, John shows us just how to do that.

Previous DataLayer 2017 talks:

Be sure to tell us what you think using hashtag #DataLayerConf and check back next Monday for the next talk at DataLayerConf.

We're in the planning stages for DataLayer 2018 right now so, if you have an idea for a talk, start fleshing that out. We'll have a CFP, followed by a blind submission review, and then select our speakers, who we'll fly to DataLayer to present. Sounds fun, right?

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