DataLayer Exposed: Joshua B. Smith & Speeding Up Slow Monoliths with Serverless Code and Caching


It's a new week which means it's time for a new video from our DataLayer Conference back in May. This week, we're bringing you a talk from IBM's Joshua B. Smith who talks about speeding up slow monoliths.

Next up at DataLayer was Joshua B. Smith. To say Joshua knows his way around data would be a huge understatement. During his talk, Joshua discussed how not all RESTful backends are as fast as we want them to be and gave a solution: stateless, serverless actions that are cached in Redis. He demonstrated some pitfalls to this approach as well architectures that can help make it painless and inexpensive to maintain.

Previous DataLayer 2017 talks:

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We're in the planning stages for DataLayer 2018 right now so, if you have an idea for a talk, start fleshing that out. We'll have a CFP, followed by a blind submission review, and then select our speakers, who we'll fly to DataLayer to present. Sounds fun, right?

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