DataLayer Exposed: Ross Kukulinski & The State Of State In Containers


We're continuing to bring you video of all the sessions from this year's DataLayer conference, and next up is Ross Kukulinski's talk on the state of state in containers. Dive in now and start your own virtual DataLayer.

Kubernetes expert Ross Kukulinski was next to come to the stage to share with us the state of state in containers at DataLayer.

Application container orchestration technologies like Kubernetes and Docker have revolutionized the world of applications, making it quick and easy to launch and manage stateless applications.

Containers are quick to launch and make efficient use of underlying compute resources and Orchestration engines like Kubernetes simplify the deployment, lifecycle, and scalability of applications. But there's still the problem of managing stateful applications as they usually have storage associated with them and that storage is where you keep your data. Ross looks at the ways this is being addressed in this talk...

Sit back and get a look into the state of the world of containers.

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