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Jason Denizac from Zendesk is talking at DataLayer and we couldn't wait to hear what will be talking about. So we sat down with him and he told us how at Zendesk they've ported their old REST APIs over to GraphQL and how that's changed how they deliver data to users.

Jason explained how the talk was inspired by a recent project which saw them move to React on the front end, with GraphQL and Relay as the client facing data layer. There they had multiple databases and internal APIs to bring together into a coherent API and it was there they found GraphQL. GraphQL allows a unified schema to be overlaid onto multiple sources of data, without compromising those sources. Jason will explain what drove that move, what benefits resulted for them and the consumers of their GraphQL service.

That's all great, but you can read the abstract for his talk on the DataLayer site; we wanted to get to know a little more about Jason. His headshot for the conference really caught our attention and we think you can see why.

This rockin' karaoke aficionado didn't disappoint. He was fun to talk to as he shared some about the passion he has behind his data magic.

We talked databases and learned Jason likes polyglot persistence because it allows you to choose the right tools to fit the app you're building. As far as a database for pure "hackability", Jason really likes CouchDB because of its replication protocol, the followers and the processing mode.

He also shared with us that his deep interest is the web and exploration of open protocols. The technologies are modular enough for independent thought to allow people to hack together unexpected solutions to problems. He's really into the development of web 2.0 and the rediscovery of the BitTorrent protocol and replicating over WebRTC data channels. Some of the projects he follows add those to the web stack and recombine them to make some out-of-the-box video streaming, chat and gaming clients

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