DataLayer: Managing (or not) the Data in Immutable Infrastructure


The idea of immutable infrastructure is awesome. However, a major problem immediately erupts when we get to the part where we have to connect application infrastructure with data infrastructure. In his presentation, Adron Hall of Thrashing Code and Home Depot, aims to start conversations about what specifics we can aim for now, and in the future, to remove this gap. He also talks about and shows what and how he's worked up solutions in production with immutable infrastructure and data connectivity.

Adron is the “guy with solutions” if there's a question about how something to build something, he is the go-to guy for coming up with how to get things done, deployed, and into production. With his calm and collected demeanor, and sometimes snarky wit, Adron is the person you want building teams and creating systems. His ability to impart upon others energy, knowledge, and enthusiasm is exceptional.

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Thom Crowe
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