Compose's Little Bits #2


A collection of links that have caught the eye of Compose's Technical Content Curator over the past week. This week, Redis community,, GAs for MariaDB, MySQL and Neo4J, a new Ubuntu and animal scaling.


Redis - Lead developer of Redis, Antirez, has announced he's hoping to relocate the Redis community to the apposite Reddit /r/redis and away from the current mailing list which would then be reserved for announcements and critical information like security alerts.

Jepsen - Well known for the "Call Me Maybe" articles, Kyle Kingsbury's Jepsen, a project to improve distributed database safety has gone independent as Kingsbury had been working the project at Stripe but is now freelance and looking to bring his methodical testing to any database company who needs to understand how well their distributed database technology works.

MariaDB 10.1 - This week, MariaDB 10.1 attained stable GA status. Version 10.1.8, to be exact, includes features include encryption at rest, disk IO improvements and high availability support as standard.

MySQL 5.7 - This was followed by a GA release of MySQL 5.7 – version 5.7.9 – which claimed 3x better performance than MySQL 5.6 and support for JSON types and functions.

Neo4J 2.3.0 - And finally, in the GA's of the week, Neo4J 2.3.0 got a general release with moves to relieve the pressure of holding graphs within the JVM, enhanced query planners, UI themes and the addition of string operators like STARTS WITH, CONTAINS and ENDS WITH. Windows users got a scripting treat too with PowerShell support added.


Ubuntu 15.10 - Wily Werewolf, aka Ubuntu 15.10, arrived this week, in desktop/devices and cloud/server. This isn't a major release, but it is the start flag for the count down to 16.04, next April, which will be Canonical's next LTS release dubbed Xenial Xerus.


Animal scaling - pointed at an interesting paper which found that, due to scaling laws, the time it takes an animal to move the length of its body is not dependent on mass and that holds for everything from whales to bacteria. Alex Klotz at PhysicsForums has a deeper look at the paper.

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