Elastic Deployments Now Available in Australia


G'day Australia! We would like to let you all know that our Elastic Deployments are now available in Sydney. These represent the best in hosted MongoDB - SSD-backed replica sets that autoscale as your data grows, for a flat price of $18USD/GB/mo. We thought offering them in Australia would be a nice way of saying, "thanks for giving us an epic on-screen Wolverine".


Have a look at the original Elastic Deployments announcement for more details on the product, or check out our documentation for details on how we scale MongoDB.

If you're already a MongoHQ customer, you can provision a new Elastic Deployment with the "Create Database" button. Make sure you choose "AP Southeast 2" in the region selector.

Not yet a MongoHQ customer? Sign up now and get an Elastic Deployment in Australia all in one go.

Kurt Mackey
Kurt Mackey was a founder and CEO of Compose. He previously wrote and managed infrastructure for Ars Technica. Current inventory includes 4 kids, 1 dog, 1 cat, 3 chickens, and 1 venus flytrap. Love this article? Head over to Kurt Mackey’s author page to keep reading.

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