MongoDB Elastic Deployments Now Available in Europe


We're excited to announce today that our Elastic Deployments are now available in Europe. These represent the best in hosted MongoDB -- SSD-backed replica sets that auto-scale as your data grows, for a flat price of $18/GB/month. Putting a datacenter in Europe now enables our Western European users to realize optimal performance of their MongoDB implementations.


Take a look at our original Elastic Deployments announcement for more details on the product, or check out our documentation for details on how we scale MongoDB.

Get Started with our Elastic Deployments for MongoDB

If you don't have a MongoHQ account already, signing up is easy! If you're already a MongoHQ user, you can provision a new Elastic Deployment with the "Create Database" button. Make sure you choose, "EU-West" in the region selector.

As a reminder, Elastic Deployments are also available in the USA (US-East), Dallas, and Sydney. MongoHQ dedicated installations are available in multiple regions. Contact us via Twitter (@mongohq) or email, at: support@​mongohq.​com for additional information.

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