Elastic Deployments, Now with MongoDB 2.6


We're excited to announce today support for MongoDB 2.6. MongoDB 2.6 is one of the largest releases MongoDB, Inc. has ever issued -- aptly calling it "a quantum leap forward" that builds upon five years of making developers happy. How cool is that?

We're here to help you get up and running on this new version as quickly and seamlessly as possible. But, first things first ...

So, What's New?

MongoDB 2.6 offers a bunch of new features that improve the way you build and run your applications, including:

Improved Scalability & Performance

Organizations can scale more easily and at lower cost. MongoDB 2.6 provides more efficient use of network resources; oplog processing is 75% faster; classes of scan, sort, $in and $all performance are significantly improved; and bulk operators for writes improve updates by as much as 5x.

Bulk Update Operators

Organizations can now manipulate large data volumes more efficiently than ever before. New bulk operations make it simple and efficient to load, update and delete large volumes of data in MongoDB. Bulk operations automatically parallelize updates across the system, and return a report of failed operations that can be retried by the application.

Index Intersection

Index intersection provides more flexible, adaptive analytical capabilities, making it easier to run ad-hoc analyses to answer evolving business questions. Developers no longer need to predict all data access patterns in advance as more than one index can be used to optimize a query.

Please read about all the updates, changes, and feature additions and test this new version carefully before upgrading your production instances.

How do I upgrade?

All MongoHQ Elastic Deployments and dedicated environments can now upgrade to MongoDB 2.6. Though our Sandbox plans are not currently eligible for MongoDB 2.6, they will be in the near future. When available, an announcement will be made on our blog.

Please be aware that due to changes between MongoDB 2.6 and earlier versions, upgrades are irreversible. For this reason, we will keep provisioning new deployments with 2.4.10 until we've seen how well 2.6.x behaves in the wild -- having a huge number of production databases means we tend to discover MongoDB regressions first.

We recommend heavily testing your application before fully committing to this upgrade. Our Elastic Deployments charge only for data you consume, calculated hourly, providing an easy-to-use solution for testing your application with MongoDB 2.6.

If you are ready to upgrade a current deployment that's running an older version, you can follow these steps to upgrade your replica set database with no downtime.

Does my driver support MongoDB 2.6?

We encourage all customers to verify their driver can support the latest updates available in MongoDB 2.6. As always, if you have specific questions about your driver or anything else regarding this new version, please contact our team at support@mongohq.com.

Let's get started!

Here are some links with important details about the MongoDB 2.6 release.

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