Elasticsearch 1.3.2 Now Available


We've just turned on Elasticsearch 1.3.2 on our Elasticsearch beta and we are recommending you update your Compose Elasticsearch deployments to this new version. Earlier this month the Elasticsearch developers released the updated version of the database after they had discovered a problem in the way the nodes in the cluster communicated with each other. This problem could lead to data corruption in some circumstances so we've been preparing to make the updated Elasticsearch 1.3.2 available to our beta users. The update to 1.3.2 also upgrades the underlying Java version from Java 7u51 to Java 7u67.

We don't force updates on our users, but we would ask you to upgrade your Elasticsearch deployments with us to version 1.3.2 as soon as possible to ensure that there is no chance of the data corruption bug affecting you.The process is simple. Go to your Elasticsearch database administration page. Select Settings change the version selector to 1.3.2. Then click Change Version and the Compose platform will take care of the rest.

Version Change Movies

Once your cluster has been upgraded, it'll be available for you to continue your full text searching, analytics and other analysis.

Dj Walker-Morgan
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