Elasticsearch 2.4.0 is now on Compose


The latest update in the Compose family of databases brings Elasticsearch users right up to date with Elasticsearch 2.4.0. New deployments will be configured with Elasticsearch 2.4.0 and the upgrade is available to any Elasticsearch 2 users on Compose.

Simply go to your Compose Console, select your Elasticsearch deployment and click on New Version Available in the overview where you will be taken to the Settings screen to confirm you want to move to 2.4.0. There'll be a rolling restart of your deployment after which your updated Elasticsearch will be ready to run.

Elasticsearch 1.x users on Compose who want to update will need to open a ticket with support as the process of upgrading from 1.x can be somewhat more involved.

A brief history of recent Elasticsearch updates

The update to 2.4.0 on Compose also rolls together all the changes of Elasticsearch 2.2 and 2.3. Each release has seen various new features added and breaking changes made. 2.2 saw an experimetal query profiler added to the database, the also experimental field statistics API changes to reflect min and max values based on strings and numeric values, and various geo query enhancements.

Elasticsearch 2.3 saw the backporting of an experimental Reindex API and Task Management API, the former to handle moving data between indices, the latter to track and possibly cancel processes running in the cluster. Among the breaking changes were limits to the number of nested fields. Now, with 2.4, more experimental work was added with the addition of throttling to 2.3's Reindex.

Those were the big additions and you may note that most of them are experimental backports from the in-development Elasticsearch 5.0. They were not the only changes made though; there were many more deprecations, enhancements and bug fixes. We recommend that you scan the release notes for all three intervening versions in case features you rely on have been changed before embarking on an update.

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