Elasticsearch IP Whitelisting & Phonetic Plugins


IP Whitelists for Elasticsearch

Compose users who've been trying out the Elasticsearch beta will notice a new Security tab in their Compose dashboard today. It has been added to contain the new portal and ip management features that we are building up for database access. Clicking on the Security tab will reveal that you can now add SSH access to Elasticsearch, but also, and more importantly for most users, you can now use a whitelist for IP addresses accessing your database through the HTTP portal.

By default any system from any IP address on the internet can connect, and attempt to authenticate itself, with the HTTP portal. Because you still need credentials to get through the portal, your database is still safe, but you may want to further reduce your attack surface. In this case it means cutting down on who can even get to the point of trying to authenticate. Listing the IP address of systems allowed to connect is a good way to start and that's where the IP Whitelist settings come in. By adding IPs to the whitelist, you are saying this address (and the others on the list) are allowed to connect. Once you start adding IP addresses to the list, all other addresses will be automatically blacklisted and unable to connect.

More Elasticsearch plugins

We said we'd be adding more plugins when we launched plugin support for Elasticsearch based on customer requests. The first of these additions has now gone online and it's going to be a boon for anyone wanting to phonetically analyze their indexes. It's the analysis-phonetic plugin. Phonetic analysis is, as the Elasticsearch documentation explains, "a last, desperate, attempt to match something, anything" by resorting to searching for words that sound similar. This is done by encoding the words in a phonetic representation, such as Soundex, and then comparing the phonetic versions.

If there's an Elasticsearch plugin you want, email your request to support@compose.io and we'll see what we can do for you.

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