Elasticsearch Plugins Are Go


We've just activated the first plugins in the Compose Elasticsearch databases. We mentioned last week that they were coming and our engineering teams delighted us today by confirming they are ready for wider consumption.

So what have we enabled? If you go to your Elasticsearch dashboard, you will find that when you select the "Plugins" tab, as well as the site plugins for ElasticHQ and Kibana, there's now a list of, currently six, Elasticsearch plugins.

Plugins View

The plugins we've enabled so far are:

To activate any plugin, just toggle the on/off switch and then click Save Active Plugins. Consult the documentation for each plugin to get the details of how to put its abilities into action.

This is the first tranche of plugins we're making available. If there is a particular plugin that you need, let us know and we will move it to up the queue of plugins we're vetting for security and stability. We won't, as previously explained, be enabling script plugins at this time because of security issues. We also have no plans to enable river plugins because of stability issues.

Dj Walker-Morgan
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