Get Database Alerts - Anywhere


We are excited to announce MongoHQ Alerts feature which will push realtime alerts about your database environment. The typical events include: replica set step down and periods of high lock percentage. Many customers have requested the ability to receive these notifications in real-time in an effort to reduce response and diagnosis times.

When receiving real-time time alerts, it will bring a better understanding of growth and scaling in staging and early production.

Get alerts on the Go

With this feature, we enabled multiple methods of message delivery. You can

By default, all alerts are viewable via To have alerts delivered, click the ‘Alerts’ icon and choose “Settings”. All delivered alerts will be metered to 1 unique alert every 12 hours.

When receiving an alert on the go, remember, MongoHQ’s site is a responsive design geared toward mobile device usage. Get the alert, and handle the alert immediately while on the go.

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