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We want you to learn more at Compose which is why we are pleased to be rolling out the first of a new series of Compose Webinars. Register now to make sure you can enjoy the Compose learning experience.

Our first three webinars show the breadth of content we'll be covering with this new series. Leading the educational charge will be JP Phillips, a senior platform engineer at Compose and one of the people who's powered the development of Compose Enterprise. Who better to talk about how Compose Enterprise works on Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform, how to set it up in your AWS VPC or GCP project and select appropriate hardware, and how Compose takes your selections and does the rest for you. JP will be comparing the platforms by going through the entire process all the way to connecting up your application to a newly deployed database on the fresh fields of Compose Enterprise. A great way to start October.

Apache NiFi is November's theme with Hays Hutton's webinar "A Real Use Case for NiFi". With an origin story that starts with the NSA and a need to move large amounts of data around flexibly, reliably and with repeatability, NiFi brings that same technology to a wider audience. There's a huge amount of power in the NiFi ETL platform so Hays will be guiding webinar attendees through how to bring that power to solving everyday real use cases moving data between databases efficiently. The session will also cover how to use Node.js and JavaScript to process that data as it moves through the system and how you can extend NiFi using Java to target new sources and destinations for data.

The Internet of Things is all about gathering data, storing it and acting on it so our third webinar will look at aspects of that. Presented by Dj Walker-Morgan, Compose's Content Curator will look at the first mile, small devices that gather data, and how they can push information up to the cloud. From there, he'll look at acting on that data using Node-Red, logging events to MongoDB and PostgreSQL, changing states in Redis and creating messages on RabbitMQ. All of that will be coming in a December webinar.

From how to use Compose better to how to use new tools with your data, there will be something for everyone in the series. We'll be announcing more webinars in the near future as we line up fresh topics and experienced presenters. Register now for the Compose Enterprise and Nifi sessions so you can be sure to make the most of the Compose Webinars.

Dj Walker-Morgan
Dj Walker-Morgan was Compose's resident Content Curator, and has been both a developer and writer since Apples came in II flavors and Commodores had Pets. Love this article? Head over to Dj Walker-Morgan’s author page to keep reading.

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