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MongoDB is a big part of what Compose is and was the first and only database we offered for a few years. Since then, we've added new offerings like Elasticsearch, PostgreSQL, Redis, RethinkDB, RabbitMQ, etcd and MySQL, but still love MongoDB. Right now, you can deploy MongoDB 3.2.10 on Compose and snag a limited edition MongoDB shirt for free. After you spin up your new database, we'll email you a link, fill it out and then get some cool swag in your mailbox.

MongoDB is the most popular NoSQL database out there and can be found in production in many different scenarios. If you've been thinking about giving MongoDB a try, now's a good time to spin up a deployment and kick the tires to see if it's the right database for your stack.

Check out these articles on MongoDB at Compose to help you get started:

You have options here at Compose. You can start with the MMAPV1 storage engine and deploy a 3-node HA cluster or with 1GB of data and 102MB of RAM, and let that scale up as you need it. If you think you want to start with more power, you can kickstart your MongoDB with the WiredTiger storage engine, with 4GB of data and 1GB of RAM on each of the three database nodes, also with the ability to automatically scale up.

See what MongoDB can do for you and try it this month to get a free t-shirt. If you aren't already using Compose, you can get a 30 day, free trial and give everything Compose offers a try - just remember to try out MongoDB to get your shirt.

Thom Crowe
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