Try Compose and Get Your Free Tools of the Trade T-Shirt


Ring in the new year in style with your new Tools of the Trade t-shirt from Compose. That's right, sign up for a new Compose account and try out a MongoDB, Elasticsearch, Redis, PostgreSQL, MySQL, ScyllaDB, RethinkDB, RabbitMQ or etcd deployment, and we'll hook you up with a snazzy new shirt. It's easy, give Compose a try for free for the first 30 days to see what Compose can do for you by signing up for a free 30 day trial with Compose and we'll send you a free t-shirt.

Just our way of wishing you a happy 2017.

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Thom Crowe
Thom Crowe was a marketing and community guy at Compose, who enjoys long walks on the beach, reading, spending time with his wife and daughter and tinkering. Love this article? Head over to Thom Crowe’s author page to keep reading.

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