Guest Post: MongoHQ + DigitalOcean: A Perfect Match


We're handing the blog over to DigitalOcean for this blog post.

We have teamed up with MongoHQ to offer autoscaling MongoDB for your app through their Elastic Deployments platform running in our NY2 data center. This gives you a sweet suite from both services: fully replicated databases running on fast SSDs with access to huge amounts of RAM.

When MongoHQ reached out to let us know their Beta Period on DigitalOcean went extremely well, it was great news to kick off our summer. Not to overstate the obvious, but MongoHQ’s mission statement has a lot of overlap with ours – at the core, we all want to enable developers and make things easier for them. The synthesis of both platforms will give developers more freedom to focus on creating applications, rather than managing infrastructure, and ultimately help get their word to production faster.

We’re excited about this partnership and what it means for DO customers. If you wish to keep all of the layers of your application on DO infrastructure, this is another step in making this simple for you. If you’re new to MongoHQ, they have a special signup link for DigitalOcean users — create an account and get a database in NYC2 in 55 seconds. And please, don’t hesitate to let MongoHQ know how great they’re doing :)

The DO Team

Meanwhile, the MongoHQ team have been blogging over at DigitalOcean's blog

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