Hello Seattle


Jason and Eric will be holding a 30 minute session divulging all of our hitherto secret information on how to index properly. This is wild, real-world stuff you won’t get from the manuals.

This presentation will be held in the second best Northwest city of Seattle for their biannual MongoDB conference. Feel free to stop by if you happen to be in the neighborhood… and also have the day off of work… and happen to have purchased a ticket. They’re pretty cheap for a full day of Mongo topics—$100 general admission or $30 if you’re a student (yet, aren’t we all?).

We’ll also be generally representing MongoHQ, by handing out stickers, explaining why you should not host your own databases, and possibly t-shirts if the printers ever actually ship them!

(Portland was the number one NW city, if you were curious. #amateururbanologist)

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