Horizontal Scaling arrives on Compose Enterprise


Today, Compose is bringing horizontal scaling to more databases on our Enterprise platform. MongoDB, Elasticsearch and ScyllaDB deployments join Compose's Redis as databases with horizontal scaling options on Compose Enterprise.

For MongoDB, that means that MongoDB users will be able to add shards to their MongoDB deployments to spread their database load across systems. Collections can be split across shards and each can handle queries on its local data independent of other shards.

For Elasticsearch and ScyllaDB users, they will have the option to add database nodes to their cluster and replicate their data across more hosts. By doing this, they increase redundancy in their configuration and allow more nodes to handle read loads (Elasticsearch) and read/write loads (SycllaDB).

We're making this flexibility available to Compose Enterprise customers who need to do this particular form of scaling. Most users of Compose won't need horizontal scaling and can continue to use Compose's powerful vertical auto-scaling system which adds resources to your database deployment precisely when they are needed.

Delivering Horizontal Scaling

When we developed the horizontal scaling options for Compose we found, from working with customers, that there were many variables to take account of. So many that we also decided that we would make this what we are calling a guided feature.

The horizontal scaling technology is built into the Compose platform but we are only activating it for Compose Enterprise customers who have consulted with support on how well their needs fit with horizontally scaling their deployments.

We'll guide them through the factors that will affect their deployment and make sure that they Once support has confirmed a good fit, we will activate the feature for them to use as they want.

Beyond Enterprise

We are constantly refining the Compose platform and the user experience and will be revisiting how we deliver horizontal scaling regularly. For the immediate future, it's an exclusive feature available to Compose Enterprise users.

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