iCars Conquers the Data Layer


Last month, Compose sat down with Alec Summers, CTO of iCars, an on-demand technology service for ground transportation focusing on black car service. If you need real black car service for your business, iCars takes care of everything.

As an on-demand service, iCars has to process data quickly and reliably. For example, every morning, iCars gets the flight info for an airline's pilots and flight crew. They quickly import the information and coordinate with black car drivers to ensure that the crew is picked up, taken to their hotel, and returned to the airport before their next flight. It's pretty intense! To keep everything moving smoothly and to give everyone a fast and reliable service, they need to be able to trust their data and their data layer.

To conquer their data layer, Alec chose Compose so we decided to ask him why. Here's what Alec has to say:

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Conquer the Data Layer

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