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This is your weekly summary of Compose news for those changes and updates which can make your life easier. In this edition, MongoDB imports and you and, as always, we have a round-up of last week's Compose Articles.

Imports and you

If you haven't used Compose's import system, its part of our MongoDB deployments. It allows you to pull in a MongoDB collection from another MongoDB database on Compose or on an external, web-accessible MongoDB. You can read more about how to use it in New Import for Compose MongoDB and in the help pages for Compose.

The great thing with imports is they allow you to move data between deployments without going through mongodump and mongorestore or mongoimport and mongoexport. Pick a database, pick a collection (or go for all collections) and Compose MongoDB import gets running, without stopping any database, moving data between the two with perfect copies.

Over the past week, our engineers have been fixing some issues which may have manifested themselves as errors when trying to import a Compose MongoDB from another Compose MongoDB. We've resolved these and anyone who raised a ticket with Compose support will have been notified. But, if you are one of the people affected who didn't raise a ticket, please, try your import again and if it doesn't work for you, raise a ticket with

Compose Articles.

In the past week of Compose Articles, we've connected Transporter to Cloudant, Python to Scylla and MySQL and you to the latest news from around the database world:

That's it for this week's Noteworthy at Compose. Onwards to next week!

Read more articles about Compose databases - use our Curated Collections Guide for articles on each database type. If you have any feedback about this or any other Compose article, drop the Compose Articles team a line at We're happy to hear from you.

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