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InfluxDB 1.0 finally goes GA, there's good stuff coming in Elasticsearch 5.0, PouchDB gets a good scrubbing for 6.0, DevOps for database Engineers, Git and how to recover, 12 Factor Apps and how to do them better, copy and paste in Safari 10 and more, and a zoo for little languages - All the links that made Compose's Technical Content Curator bookmarks this week and more.


InfluxDB 1.0 - InfluxDB 1.0 has arrived and with it comes assurances of API stability for the time series database, which is good since InfluxDB 0.9's complete rewrite and revamp took pre-1.0 changes to the max. It's all taken a long time and we're yet to see how the decision to move clustering into a commercial annex of InfluxDB will affect its take up in the open source world where scaling is king.

Elasticsearch 5.0 - It's not here yet, but this interesting presentation from Lee Hinman covers some of the highlights like ingest nodes for preprocessing incoming data and a new safe scripting language called "Painless" to replace Elasticsearch's previous problematic scripting support.

PouchDB 6.0 - There's no better way of spending a holiday weekend removing all the code you've deprecated in the last few versions, or taking the deprecation hammer to code which deserves it. The PouchDB developers did just that to produce PouchDB 6.0.0 for Labor Day. PouchDB is the database that lives in the browser and syncs with Apache CouchDB making it ideal for offline-first applications. Now it's a little slimmer with more bugs fixed and better docs.

Database DevOps - Compose Write Stuff regular Robert M. Wysocki was inspired by a recent Compose article on the idea of the evolving the DBA into the Database Advocate to consider the idea of the Database DevOps Engineer.


Oh Git - Made a terrible mistake updating your source code with git? Don't know how to undo the damage? Flames growing ever higher around you as you declare "This is fine"? Let "Oh Shit Git" come to your rescue with a slightly sweary guide to how to dowse the flames or extinguish the entire fire.

Fractured Apps - Kelsey Hightower looks at the 12 Factor Application, how Docker tries to help and how its even easier to just use old-fashioned programming so if you are wrestling with getting your daily 12 Factors check out 12 Fractured Apps.

Safari 10 - Web developers may be interested in what's landing in Safari 10 as it rolls out onto Macs and iOS next week. There's quite a few features listed in the release notes including standard complaint IndexedDB support, Shadow DOM support, complete ES6 support and - and this is really important for usability - programmatic cut and paste.

Language Zoo - It's been around for a while but The Programming Languages Zoo has just had a revamp. The Zoo's languages aren't primarily for programming in as they are all miniature versions of real languages whose source and implementation details are there for the curious to learn from.

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