Introducing himself, Rocco


He's been with us for a while in his role as mascot, but he's so much more than that. And now, he'd like say hello, so we'll hand over to him...

Ah, hello. You may have seen me around the Compose site and wondered who is that handsome odd-toed ungulate. Now I have a chance to introduce myself, I'm Rocco, Rocco the Rhino, the Compose mascot. My full name is Rocco Das Nashorn and I'm an African rhino – you can tell because I'm big and have two horns – and I've been part of the Compose team for quite a while.

I've been doing server management on the Compose front page, maintaining the MongoDB garden and gathering astronomical searches for Elasticsearch. I've also helped out on support and worked with the finance team.

It's not all work though. I get to play tennis with RethinkDB's Thinker, share a veggie barbecue with fellow herbivore the PostgreSQL Elephant and I put some of my childhood pictures up on the Redis page.

Despite appearances on the Compose Articles page, this is the first time they've allowed me to write for the Compose site under my own name, though I've been ghost-writing some articles.

Now, you may wonder why a rhino, especially one as talented as me, is working with a database company. Wonder no more. It's simple, I'm emblematic of Compose databases. Like them I'm hardened by design and experience, I quickly get to the point and I have a backup point always available.

And, as I've shown, I'm multitalented, like the five different current Compose databases. I'm a perfect match. Even better, I can remote work from the African savannah and Compose's flat company structure means I'm one of the team, not just "the rhino".

But there are also two other reasons for me working at Compose. Firstly, rhinos are endangered and working at Compose gives me free access to databases I can use to keep tabs on all the rhinos I know so we can keep us around. Secondly, Compose is making a regular donation to Save the Rhino which will also help protect fellow rhinos around the world.

Compose has lots of plans for my career progression too. I may have started as a simple mascot, but I'm already the face of the Write Stuff campaign to find new writers and I've heard rumors of time travel being in my future, or past, or however that works.

It's all very exciting, just like working at Compose.

I mean, just read the blog post. It talks all about Rocco. Seriously. Go back and read it.

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