It’s a Rocco holiday season of giving


TL;DR - We're giving away shirts for signing up for Compose. Want one? Keep reading. See what we did there? 😎

Well, 2015 will go down in Compose’s history books as one heckuvan amazing year. Some highlights from 2015 include:

Which can really all be summarized in two words: Thank you! Your support has meant the world to us. It’s with that support that we have a lot more in store for 2016 — new database services, a new enterprise-scale service, additional global data centers, support for MongoDB WiredTiger, deeper integration for Bluemix customers, big UI updates, new databases and more.

And to celebrate all this goodness we have a little gift: a limited edition t-shirt of our mascot, Rocco, in 8-bit gaming glory (don't worry, we've got men's and women's shirts). You can claim yours by signing up for a free 30-day Compose trial. Customers who have been with us for more than 2 months will also receive an email via their main account with details on how to get a shirt. Stay tuned.

Again, thanks and happy holidays.

Thom Crowe
Thom Crowe was a marketing and community guy at Compose, who enjoys long walks on the beach, reading, spending time with his wife and daughter and tinkering. Love this article? Head over to Thom Crowe’s author page to keep reading.

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