Little Bits #23 - Elasticsearch, PostgreSQL, SQLite, Meteor 1.3, Git 2.8, DIY Galaxy, NearBT and mainframes


Elasticsearch updates, PostgreSQL feature removal, SQLite refreshed, new Meteor and Git, self assembly Galaxy, NearBT and what does an 18 year old do with a mainframe – all the links that caught the eye of Compose's technical content curator this week, in one place for you. These are Compose's Little Bits.


Elasticsearch 2.3 - The folks at have announced Elasticsearch 2.3 along with the whole set up updates for the search-centric database and tools. Elasticsearch 2.3 now has a Reindex API for, yes, reindexing your indexes in a single API command and lets a new update-by-query API work. And with all that long running reindexing going on, they've thrown in a task management API. One new item in this release is Graph which is a Kibana plugin to explore Elasticsearch data through relevant relationships.

PostgreSQL pulls a feature - One of the big features of PostgreSQL 9.5 was the speed up for character/string column indexing and sorting through the use of abbreviated keys. Underlying the feature was the use of two glibc calls, strxfm and strcmp, which turn out to be inconsistent in a number of versions of glibc and so, the PostgreSQL project has released version 9.5.2 which disables the feature. Read more in "Abbreviated keys glibc issue" on the PostgrSQL wiki including what to do and how to find if your indexes are affected. PostgreSQL 9.4 users are unaffected.

SQLite 3.12.0 - The latest version of the ubiquitous SQL engine, SQLite 3.12.0, comes with a faster SQL parser, better query planning for IN and multiway joins and uses less memory for schemas. The developers have also take the opportunity to bump up the default page and cache size.


Meteor 1.3 - With the release on Meteor 1.3, the JavaScript applications platform gets to converging on the mainstream of JavaScript with ES2015 modules (and import and export), directly using npm modules, application level testing, a new Cordova layer and much more.

Git 2.8 - Git 2.8 has been released. Parallel sub-module retrieval, the ability to safely change git identity, smoother Windows integration and some security fixes are the core of this release. Read more in the full release notes.

Build your own Galaxy - Josh Owens' blog post Building your own Meteor Galaxy Hosting setup with Digital Ocean is an interesting dive into what you need to create your own little hosting platform for Meteor apps with prerendering, a CDN and a load balancer (and Compose MongoDB databases) all in the mix.


NearBT - Unlocking your desktop system from your phone isn't new, but for a change NearBT is all open source and, because it's a PAM module, it opens up useful enhancements like using your phone as a 2FA device as well as a password.

Mainframes and youth - When you are eighteen years old and want your own mainframe, what do you do? Buy one and put it all together in your basement of course. Connor Krukosky's presentation I Just Bought an IBM z890 - Now What? is fourty five minutes of joy as he tells you about how much he learned about buying a mainframe, and how hard it is to get into your basement.

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