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Welcome to NewsBits where you'll find the database and developer news from around the net for the week ending October 19th.

Here's those bits in full...

Database Bits

Redis 5

Right on schedule, Redis 5 is now GA on Oct 17th!

This new major version contains the much-anticipated Stream datatype along with many other improvements and some fun things too. You can read all the work leading up to GA here.

PostgreSQL 11

In other major release news, PostgreSQL 11 is here! The update brings new table partitioning features, transaction support for stored procedures, and performance enhancements for queries and large computational workloads. Many of the highlights in this release are aimed at making big data applications easier and more performant to run on PostgreSQL. Full details on all the new changes are in the release notes.


PgBackRest, a handy tool for backing up and restoring PostgreSQL, updated to its latest version, v2.06. The release includes support for PostgrSQL 11. Other improvements and bug fixes are listed in their Release Notes.

Security Bits

libssh vulnerability

There are new and important libssh versions out to address a vulnerability that allowed an attacker to bypass authentication. This affected all versions of libssh 6.0 and above, but only those running the library sever-side need to be worried about the exploit. Additionally, it appears that various implementations of the library are not vulnerable as users like GitHub confirmed that they were not affected. In any case, this is a pretty major bug and it's recommended to update asap.

OS Bits

Ubuntu 18.10

Canonical released a new version of Ubuntu this week, Ubuntu 18.10 aka CosmicCuttlefish. Available for both server and desktop, it includes increased graphics support, Gnome 3.30 desktop and a community-developed default theme, Yaru. Ubuntu's Linux app store boasts more applications including app support for cloud and server applications. Speaking of cloud support, the server image is available on major public cloud platforms and has the latest Kubernetes version. As mentioned in the Release Notes, this is not an LTS release, but will receive security and bug fixes through July 2019.

Developer Bits

Ruby updates

New minor version updates for Ruby are out. Almost all the changes are bug fixes and security fixes. Ruby 2.5.3 is now the latest version; Ruby 2.5.2 contains the meat of the updates, with 5.2.3 fixing a package issue that crept in. Ruby 2.4.5 contains 40 bug fixes and some security patches. And lastly, in maintenance mode, Ruby 2.3.8 is mostly security fixes and a reminder that it's EOL is March 2019, so look to move to Ruby 2.4 or Ruby 2.5 soon.

Java SE updates

The Java SDK version 11 gets its first update, to version 11.0.1. It's mostly security updates and fixes, including some enhancements to LDAP support and the removal of all DES TLS cipher suites. Full details can be found in the complete release notes.

And finally

The marriage of Processing and three.js makes some beautiful javascript animations over at Generative Coding — The Nature of Code Ported to Three.js. All of the works have links to both the demo and the code.

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