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This is an article in our ongoing series on how Compose customers are building apps with multiple persistent data stores.

C2G Consulting is a technology company headquartered on Victoria Island in Lagos, Nigeria. Providing consulting and development services – ranging from ERP, HCM, CRM analytics, disaster recovery and more – to both African and global businesses since 2004, C2G recently expanded its offerings with a new multi-tenant bulk ordering and retail execution platform that they've dubbed TradeDepot. TradeDepot is now in beta by some of their mid-to-large sized enterprise customers.

Built on Meteor.js with a Compose MongoDB and RabbitMQ backend, TradeDepot allows product manufacturers to receive orders from distributors and manage the order all the way through to retail outlets. In that sense, it's much more than a traditional eCommerce tool; it's a complete platform for these customers to manage the supply chain, from manufacturing to retail. One of their first big clients, for example, is one of the largest dairy companies in Africa who need greater insights and control into their milk distribution.

One of the three co-founders of C2G Consulting, Onyekachi (Kachi) Izukanne, told us they'd looked for a hosted, managed service and eventually came upon Compose. With Compose, "the management offering made life easy... so we went with that."

TradeDepot Dashboard

TradeDepot mockup, image courtesy C2G Consulting

TradeDepot is actually several parts: the app built in Meteor and a Java middleware layer that leverages Apache Camel and is hosted separately with a MySQL database. There is also an events monitoring service called Log which is responsible for tracking all the different components. "Within this stack, we're hosting MongoDB and RabbitMQ," adds Izukanne. "It's a microservices architecture with several components deployed as independent services." Compose-hosted RabbitMQ is the messaging interface between all these services. When there is a message from the main to the back monitor, "we publish an event queue on RabbitMQ and then it's picked up by the Log service." This allows them to run multiple service without the worry of failure that can happen with monolithic applications; if one service is down momentarily, it doesn't affect activity on other parts of the platform.

C2G went in the microservice direction to get a high level of reliability and consistency. To them, that meant selecting a provider that could plug into that architecture with independent services that allow them to focus on building their application without having to worry about their persistence layers.

While C2G's core business remains consulting for some of the largest multi-national companies in the world, TradeDepot firmly pushes them in a new direction of building commercial software to help consumer products companies get more control over their supply chain. Izukanne added: "For us, for any back-end service we can procure from a managed service provider, that would be a more reliable way to go. And while it's early days, so far we're happy with our Compose investment."

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