Matt Insler Joins Our Team!


Quick Specs:

Github: Rock-climber: true Falconer: false

On Thursday, Matt arrived at the MongoHQ office. He will be on the engineer team building our suite of tools and rocking the devops.

We pitched a few questions to Matt to introduce him to the MongoDB community:

Do you have any hidden talents? Are you a falconer?

So sorry to disappoint, but I'm not a falconer! =-(

I don't have many hidden talents. I played soccer and tennis, but have transitioned to rock climbing. I leap tall buildings in many, many, many bounds (parkour!). Being from the NYC area, I am particularly adept at rooting for a horrendously bad football team - the NY Jets.

Of all the things you've built, which project(s) are you the most proud?

I'm most proud of PageLever Now ( We managed to bring one of the best Facebook analytics tools to the market in under 3 months. We worked really hard, and it showed. We created and used a lot of great open source packages in the process. Shoutouts go out to caboose ( and awesomebox (

What is the last programming language that you learned?

Last programming language was actually Coffeescript, which I still use every day. I know it's controversial, but I came to javascript from ruby, so it reads so much cleaner than traditional javascript for me. Coffeescript isn't an excuse to not fully understand javascript, just a different syntax.

What new tool do you hope to use at MongoHQ?

I hope to learn Go and play around with Riemann and other cool tech.

What do you look forward to building at MongoHQ?

I'm looking forward to contributing to MongoHQ's awesome tool set and deployment mechanisms. There's a lot going on, and I'm thrilled to dig in.

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