MongoDB 2.2 Released


As you know by now, MongoDB 2.2 was recently released and with it, numerous improvements and new features to MongoDB, including: aggregation, TTL collections, improved console interaction and much improved database concurrency. Of course, now, you want to use all these great features. No sweat!

Testing MongoDB 2.2

For the past few weeks, we have been including MongoDB 2.2 in any newly created Sandbox databases. Many of our users have already provisioned databases and tested the new features. We encourage you to do the same as our Operations Team preps for larger, system-wide upgrades.

If you haven’t already, sign up for a MongoHQ account and you can be using MongoDB 2.2 in seconds!

System-wide Upgrades

Getting ready for system-wide upgrades, of course, includes hundreds of servers, many thousands of databases and a lot of communication with our users, so there is art in making it all happen smoothly. Also, we like to allow some time for some of the rough edges to be smoothed out in subsequent MongoDB “dot” releases before upgrading everyone. Be on the lookout for emails announcing upgrade times in the coming days.

Ready to upgrade your current database?

If you’d rather not wait for upgrade window and would like to start running MongoDB 2.2 now, we can help! Send a note to: and let us know which database you would like to have upgraded. We can schedule a time to upgrade … which only take a couple of seconds.

We’re excited to offer these great new features as part of our ever-expanding ecosystem. We have lots of great announcements coming and look forward to working with you along the way.

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