MongoDB 2.4.1 Maintenance Window Complete


The maintenance window to upgrade MongoDB for all of our shared environments has been completed.

Why the forced upgrade?

This emergency upgrade was required because of a vulnerability affecting older versions of MongoDB (MongoDB 2.0 and MongoDB 2.2). The vulnerability (SERVER-9124) was caused by deficiencies with javascript sandboxing, allowing the possibility of system commands to be run and if properly exploited, could have resulted in access to other data on the host.

Working with 10gen and understanding the core issue, we made the decision to move quickly to upgrade all of our shared database plans, starting with large databases and finishing, today, with our sandbox/free plans.

Affected environments

The vast majority of our hosts (including all custom deployments) are not at risk from this vulnerability. We’ve isolated Mongo processes on most of our shared hosts in such a way that user data is isolated and individual database vulnerabilities are contained. Some of our older shared hosts haven’t yet been migrated to the new containers, we’re now speeding up our efforts to replace those. Sandbox database hosts are, by definition, going to be more susceptible to problems like this since multiple users share a single Mongo process, we will continue to aggressively upgrade Mongo versions on these.

Email notification

We received reports of some customers not receiving notifications of the upgrade. We are very sorry about this and have resolved the issue. We strive to provide an excellent customer experience and proper communication is an absolute must.

Thank you again for your patience. We have talked to many of you today as we worked through this upgrade together, but if you are having any additional issues or have questions, we’d love to help. You can reach our team at:

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