MongoDB 2.6 Development Branch Available (Free)


In our weekend hacking project, we experimented with MongoDB 2.5.2 new features. We figured other members of the MongoDB community would also want to test the development branch. Of course, our next step was to build a sandbox environment with MongoDB 2.5.2. Now, it is available for free.

This upcoming version is said to be what Snow Leopard was to Mac OS X. Internals are reorganized to speed future development. With this feature investigation, we are excited about the release. For a full list of upcoming changes in this development branch, see the MongoDB 2.6 release notes. The production release is set to hit in Q4 2013. When release candidates are available, we will allow any database to upgrade via our version changer.

Getting started is simple:

  1. Create an account at
  2. Create a database plan for "MongoDB 2.6 Development Branch"
  3. Create a username / password for the database
  4. Boom! MongoDB 2.6 development branch is available for you.

Friendly reminder & feedback

Friendly reminder: this is absolutely not a production environment, and should be used as a testing ground for your ideas and exploration. We will upgrade these databases aggressively as new releases come available.

We are always looking for feedback -- particularly on the 2.5.x releases. If you find any issues with connecting or performing functions, please put together a sample script that will show the issue you hare having. Then, please contact us with a support request.

Chris Winslett
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