MongoDB Atlanta 2013


The MongoHQ Team is in Atlanta today, sponsoring and presenting at MongoDB Atlanta. This conference, in its third year at at Georgia Tech Research Institute (GTRI) has a host of great speakers, including our own Chris Winslett. I’m sure the southern food and hospitality will be enjoyed as well. Check out some of the great talks that are happening today:

MongoDB Index Constraints and Creative Schemas

The first step to understanding scaling with MongoDB is understanding the constraints of the system. We will build out the constraints of MongoDB indexing. Then, we will talk about how to use these constraints to optimize schema. Presented by: Chris Winslett, MongoHQ.

Developer Happiness Through MongoDB

MongoDB is the ideal data store for modern web apps. By providing freedom of choice, a sense of creative control, and a strong adaptability to change, MongoDB makes developers happier. Problems that are tedious or unnecessarily complex to model with a relational database are instead a joy to solve with a schema-less, documented-oriented structure. Those factors along with a suite of built-in tools like full-text search and aggregations contribute to an excellent experience for web developers. Presented by: Luigi Montanez, Upworthy.

Hash-based Sharding in MongoDB 2.4

In version 2.4, MongoDB introduces hash-based sharding, a new option for distributing data in sharded collections. Hash-based sharding and range-based sharding present different advantages for MongoDB users deploying large scale systems. In this talk, we’ll provide an overview of this new feature and discuss when to use hash-based sharding or range-based sharding. Presented by: Kelly Stirman, Director of Product Marketing, 10gen.

The team at MongoHQ is excited to be a part of this great event and we are looking forward to particiaption in the upcoming MongoSF and MongoNYC events as well.

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